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Living Soil Organic Blend

Living Soil Organic Blend

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Our Living Soil Organic Blend is the finest coco-based living soil blend you can buy on

the market. It is charged to deliver a high nutrient load and strong nitrogen boost during the first 4-6 weeks to aid in early plant development. You will need to amend again for desired bloom outcomes. Works great with hydroponic systems, hand watering and all types of watering systems.


  • Ready to Use right out of the bag.
  • Start feeding plants Pioneers Harvest brand of fertilizers and nutrients after 4-6 weeks from transplanting. It is always recommended to balance competitors liquid feeds and water between 5.8-6.8 depending on your plants needs.
  • Water schedule will vary greatly depending on indoor or outdoor settings, humidity, an temperatures. It is important to water often as coco is known for it's good drainage.
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