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Great Abaco + the aftermath of Dorian

Close your eyes and think of the word Bahamas...Undoubtedly a pristine image of white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters comes to mind. Most people decide to visit Nassau, Bahamas. Nassau truly caters to the tourist with its golf courses, casinos and all inclusive packages.

Well we decided to have a different experience. Within the Bahamas their rests a beautiful island chain known as The Abacos, the boating capital of the Bahamas.

On September 1st 2019, a Category 5 Atlantic hurricane hit the Bahamas. The 2019 cyclone is regarded as the worst natural disaster in the Bahamas recorded history. There was a total death toll of 74 people, 63 of which were from Abaco. In addition to the loss of lives, 29,500 people became homeless and/or jobless.

When you don't just see a need...but actually FEEL that need down to your core, you find a way to help and lock arms with others that are ready to do the same.

We had the privilege and the pleasure of being hosted and cared for on this Bahama trip by the president and founder of Abaco Strong, Martha Fleury. Martha has so much vision, tenacity and heart. She showed us the beauty and palpable heart of the community of Abaco, which allowed us to fall in love with this island. From swimming with the stingrays, to hopping a boat ride back to explore the Abaco Strong Aquaponic garden....we soaked up every moment with so much gratitude.

As Abaco approaches almost 4 years post hurricane, there is still much to be done. Abaco Strong has created an ABC Breakfast Program at Coopers Town Primary School, they are aiding in rebuilding homes, food security and sustainability and continue their mission to "enable the building of prosperous, sustainable and environmentally responsible communities."

The team at Pioneers Harvest will continue to donate living, high quality, organic soil to the island of Abaco to aid in their backyard gardens as the community will thrive with home grown foods from nutrient rich soil.

If you feel called to help, you can donate directly to Abaco Strong and/or donate bags of soil through Pioneers Harvest.

Until next time Abaco! Its been a pleasure to experience your paradise.

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