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Meet Stephanie ~ #BackYard Farmers

Oh where to begin with this wonderful woman we had the pleasure of meeting on our trip to Abaco!

Stephanie is affectionately known in her community as the "Mother Hen" as she keeps an open door and an open heart to anyone in the community that needs her. Whether it's advice on gardening or advice on life, she's here for it.

Stephanie is the owner of Ashiel Farm (named after her late son who passed in 2019). When you first pull up to Stephanie's home, you'll see a few beautiful plants here and there on the property...little did we know of the magical garden hiding in her backyard

Stephanie and her husband are in the process of building a new home after the devastating destruction of Hurricane Dorian. A new space where their farm can truly expand and serve the community. Currently all of her fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers are growing in individual pots until their new home is finished, upon which everything will be transplanted.

Stephanie is an integral part of the Rebirth of Abaco. She speaks and sings to her garden, and her goal is to "have people in and out of Abaco trained in growing as well as have a backyard and commercial farm in their possession.

Pioneers Harvest has been donating soil for the #backyardfarmer program since 2022 and will continue to expand their partnership with Abaco Strong and supply clean, nutrient dense soil for farmers like Stephanie.

Thank you "Mother Hen" for showing us the fruits of your labor.

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