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Meet Martha ~ A Visionary Leader

Oh my.....where to begin! You know when you meet someone that stands out in a beautiful way, someone that has great vision, high energy yet they're also grounded and giving...well that is Martha Fleury. This incredible woman opened her home and her heart to us during our trip to Abaco.

She went above and beyond to gift us truly memorable experiences. From swimming with stingrays to showing us all over the islands, meeting her local friends and witnessing first hand the beautiful work she and her team are doing to support was such a blessing to be in her company.

"Martha has been traveling to the Abacos with her husband and their four children for nearly 20 years. After the heartbreaking devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian, she joined the other members of Treasure Cay Community to raise funds, supply food, and rebuild homes. The founding of Abaco Strong in 2020 was the beginning of an ongoing effort to rebuild and support her friends in Treasure Cay and the surrounding area."

From the ABC Breakfast for Children Program to the Aquaponic community garden...the determination and heart of this woman and her team is absolutely inspiring. This is only the beginning as we are locking arms with this organization, the community of Abaco and everyone ready to assist in its rebirth.

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